CCTV Video Surveillance

Protect the things that matter! 


Nowadays there is a great potential risk for terrorism and extremism, environmental catastrophes, fire, robbery, burglary, spying and vandalism. These risks must be identified and analyzed, and the appropriate security concepts have to be developed.
The aim is to make the future more secure through defined risk management. 

This means investment for companies, but also benefits:

  • - Transparency

  • - Confidence of staff members and business partners

  • - Improvement in company image

  • - Better credit ranking and clarity about the risk situation

Video surveillance has a proven a key element of any modern security system, acting both as a deterrent and a valuable asset in post-event analysis.

In sophisticated security concepts, the video system provides the visual basis for decisions and plays a central role – in addition to real-time monitoring of critical areas – in the identification of persons with the aid of biometric processes, and in the detection of dangers.

iTRACK offers a wide array of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) technology which can be applied to commercial and residential properties, both big and small businesses, education centres, hospitals, and public sector.
Our staff is highly trained in innovative and sophisticated CCTV technology and surveillance equipment.


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