Turnstiles, Tripods and Speed Gates

Turnstiles provide the civilized and ordered passing modes for the public and avoid unauthorized passing.

iTrack provides various types of turnstiles and tripods, with specific functions to ensure smooth and safe passing

are a good solution for the unmanned entrances and mid-level security requirements, only one person is permitted to pass on each turn of the turnstile.

Tripod turnstiles
are designed for the applications where the primary concern is narrow space and most economical solution. The small spaced cabinet is the main difference from the other tripod turnstiles in the product range, as the same mechanism, control electronics and tripod assembly is used.

Speed Gate
is a range of equipment for efficiently controlling the access of users in railway and subway stations or any other places such as commercial centers, stadiums, schools, government and private offices, hospitals, industrial complexes, and more.